Look At Me

Hey girl I wanna talk to you and tell you what’s in my mind
You never heard before from me, in any way or kind
Hey girl I wanna shout at you `cause you’re more wrong than right
I never dared before to do, but I did it in the night

Oh, in the night, I am ready for the fight
In the night, you’re better out of sight

Hey girl you gonna make me mad and drive me completely crazy
I am crazy about your deep blue eyes lookin at me so mazy
Hey girl you gonna break my heart without saying a word
But if you keep ignoring me I fear that I’ll get hurt

Look at me girl, I wanna talk to you
and hear what I’m saying and I am thinking too
Look at me now, `cause you won’t understand
You’re the reason that I’m living for – everything’s in your hand!